1775 John Moulding

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John Moulding son of 1750 Mr X and 1750 Mrs X

Born 1775
Married 27 Oct 1800 St Wilfrids, Preston
Died 28 Dec 1856 Penwortham, Preston
Buried St Mary's RC, Brownedge, Bamber Bridge C110 (no stone)

  • 1826 to 1831 – Recorded on the Land Tax Assessment for Hutton. Proprieter L Rawstorne Esq; Occupier Moulding Snr; Description Farm; Sums Assured 8 shillings and 1 and three quarter pence till 1827, 7 shillings and 2 and a quarter pence till 1831 when the Land Tax ended.
  • 1841 – Nutter’s Platt Farm, Hutton. Farmer. Aged 65
  • 1851 – 10 Pope Lane, (Spring Gardens), Penwortham. Retired farmer. Aged 76

Died in Penwortham from bronchitis senilis 14 days certified. John Moulding present at death. Buried at St Mary’s RC, Brownedge, Bamber Bridge C110 (no stone)

Nutter’s Platt used to be called Prior’s Platt. There used to be monks in the area. A platt is a small bridge over a moss watercourse. The moss was the wild moorland but people had rights to cut peat from certain areas. Nutter’s Platt was on the edge of this.

The watercourse used to be called the Watter of Winniott and is now Mill Brook and was the dividing line between Hutton and Penwortham. It also divides Nutter’s Platt Farm (which is a listed building) and Spring Gardens, ie they are adjacent.

Still trying to find out more about John Moulding but he was a tenant farmer rather than the owner of the farm.