Churches and Chapels

Their Parsons, Priests, & Congregations

Being a critical and historical account of every place of worship in Preston

‘T is pleasant through the loopholes of retreat to peep at such a world. – Cowper

Reprinted from the Preston Chronicle
Printed at the “Chronicle” Office, Fishergate, Preston 1869

To the reader

The general satisfaction given by the following sketches when originally printed in the Preston Chronicle, combined with a desire, largely expressed, to see them republished, in book form, is the principal excuse offered for the appearance of this volume. Into the various descriptions of churches, chapels, priests, parsons, congregations, &c., which it contains, a lively spirit, which may be objectionable to the phlegmatic, the sad-faced, and the puritanical, has been thrown. But the author, who can see no reason why a “man whose blood is warm within” should “sit like his grandsire cut in alabaster,” on any occasion, has a large respect for cheerfulness, and has endeavoured to make palatable, by a little genial humour, what would otherwise have been a heavy enumeration of dry facts. Those who don’t care for the gay will find in these sketches the grave; those who prefer vivacity to seriousness will meet with what they want; those who appreciate all will discover each. The solemn are supplied with facts; the facetious with humour; the analytical with criticism. The work embodies a general history of each place of worship in Preston – fuller and more reliable than any yet published; and for reference it will be found valuable, whilst for general reading it will be instructive. The author has done his best to be candid and impartial. If he has failed in the attempt, he can’t help it; if he has succeeded, he is thankful. No writer can suit everybody; and if an angel had compiled these sketches some men would have croaked. To the generality of the Church of England, Catholic, and Dissenting clergymen, &c., in the town, the author tenders his warmest thanks for the generous manner they have assisted him, and the kindly way in which they have supplied him with information essential to the completion of the work.

Preston, .


Page Title
3 Our Churches and Chapels
7 Parish Church
13 St. Wilfrid’s Catholic Church
18 Cannon-street Independent Chapel
23 Lune-street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
28 Fishergate Baptist Chapel
34 St. George’s Church
39 St. Augustine’s Catholic Church
45 Quakers’ Meeting House
51 St. Peter’s Church
55 New Jerusalem Church
60 Trinity Church
66 Lancaster-road Congregational Chapel
70 Saul-street Primitive Methodist Chapel
75 St. Ignatius’s Catholic Church
82 Vauxhall-road Particular Baptist Chapel
88 Christ Church
94 Wesley and Moor Park Methodist Chapels
99 Presbyterian and Free Gospel Chapels
104 St. James’s Church
110 The Mormons
116 St. Walburge’s Catholic Church
122 Unitarian Chapel
127 All Saints Church
132 United-Methodist Free Church and Pole-street Baptist Chapel
137 Church of the English Martyrs
142 St. Saviour’s Church
148 Christian Brethren and Brook-street Primitive Methodists
153 St. Thomas’s Church
158 Croft-street Wesleyans & Parker-street United Methodists
164 Grimshaw-street Independent Chapel
169 St. Paul’s Church
175 St. Mary’s-street and Marsh End Wesleyan Chapels and the Tabernacle of the Revivalists
181 St. Mary’s and St. Joseph’s Catholic Chapels
187 St. Mark’s Church
192 Zoar Particular Baptist Chapel
196 St. Luke’s Church
201 Emmanuel Church and Bairstow Memorial Chapel
207 St. Mary’s Church

(Transcribed from the paper book for the digital web by Peter Moulding)