1824 Ellen (Thornley) Moulding

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Ellen (Thornley) Moulding daughter of 1800 Thomas and 1800 Ann

Born 25 Jun 1824 Leyland
Married 03 Feb 1845 St Wilfrid's, Preston
Died 09 May 1893
Baptised 15 Mar 1872 St Augustine's, Preston
Buried Preston Cemetery B194RC

(There is a that gives a flavour of life at the time.)

  • 1841 – Bank Top, Penwortham. Weaver.
  • 1846 – Penwortham
  • 1851 – 9 Grosvenor Street, Preston. Cotton Weaver.
  • 1861 – 32 Grosvenor Street. No occupation. Born Penwortham.
  • 1871 – 9 Albyn Street East. No occupation. Born Leyland.
  • 1881 – 26 Albyn Bank Road.
  • 1891 – 53 Albyn Bank Road.


Die 25 Junii 1822 nata et die 15 Martii 1872 est Sub conditione Ellena Moulding filia Thoma & Anne Thornley (olim Boulton) conjugum: a me Joanne Hawksworth Miss: Coxd Patrinus fuit ______ Matrina fuit _______

This means Ellen was the daughter of Thomas and Ann Thornley (nee Boulton). She was baptised when nearly 50 and so had no godparents. To have got married at St Wilfrid’s RC Church she would have had to make an oath that she would not prevent her family from practising the RC religion. However, at the time she would not have had to be converted to Catholicism. Something changed her mind in 1872 and it was probably because her son John (born before she married William) married in 1866 as a Catholic and so Ellen also became ‘respectable’ by being baptised. On the 1871 Census John started using the Thornley surname again.