Miscellaneous Preston Area Records


  • William Moulden – non-juror at Samlesbury Lower Hall, 1717
  • Convicted Recusants (Catholic Record Society 1909 Misc V, p101)
    Edward Moulden, Margaret Moulden (wife) of Hoghton (Leyland parish) June 1671
  • Grace and Thomas Mouldinge (Potter) of Wigan parish 1570ish
    William Mouldinge (webster) of Livesey, Blackburn 1587-9


  • No.1840 William Moulden of Samlesbury, yeoman, 1738. QDD Geo II / 9
  • No.1841 Henry Moulding of Houghton, husbandman, 1729. WCW Admon
  • 10028 John Moulding was a witness to the will of Thomas Parker of Great Singleton, 1848. CRS volXVI. WRW/A
  • 11710 Jane Molden, servant of Hugh Tootell of Heapy, yeoman, 1727. Pap.est.1717. WCW
  • 11711 Thomas Moldinge, debtor of Hugh Forth, alderman of Wigan, 1581. CRS vol VI, WCW
  • 11712 wife of above and ditto
  • 11713 widow of above and ditto
  • 1583-1. William Moulding of Puddington, Burton. WC

RETURN OF PAPISTS in Diocese of Chester 1767 (CRS 1980)

(These are the only ones in the whole book)

  • In township of Wharles and Roseacre in Parish of Kirkham
  • Elizabeth Moulden Age 22 Spinster Resident 15 years
  • Rowland Moulding Age 21 Day Labourer Resident 5 years
  • Grace Moulding Age 22 Wife of Rowland Resident 5 years
  • Edwd Moulding Age 5 m Son Resident 5 m
  • In Woodplumpton
  • Eliz Molden Age 50 Spinster Resident 4 years
  • Wm Molden Age 30 Boarder Resident 4 years
  • Eliz Lingart Age 31 Spinster Resident 3 years
  • Wm Lingart Age 10 Apprentice Resident 3 years
  • In Preston
  • Eliz Lingard Age 30 Spinster Resident 7 years


Die 25 Junii 1822 nata et die 15 Martii 1872 est Sub conditione
Ellena Moulding filia Thoma & Anne Thornley
(olim Boulton) conjugum:
a me Joanne Hawksworth Miss: Coxd
Patrinus fuit ______ Matrina fuit _______

St Augustine’s Parish Records at Preston Records Office

Ref: MF 9/35

Thomas Moulding born 23/04/1877
filius Thomas et Maria Anne Moulding (olim Evans)
Patrius fuit Laurentius Evans Matria fuit Iranna McCann

Maria Reid born 11/01/1877
Filia Edward et Margaret Reid (olim Sumner)
Patrius fuit Rodericus Bolton Matria fuit Maria Young

Ref: MF 9/39

30 May 1868 at St Augustine’s
In Matrimonio conjuxi John Eccles of Preston
filium William Eccles, et Ellen Moulding of Preston
filiam Jane Moulding
Presentibus Jane Moulding of Preston
Testibus Alicia Dilworth of Preston

Ref: MF 9/39

03 Feb 1868 at St Augustine’s
In Matrimonio conjuxi Thomas Moulding of Preston
filium William Moulding, et Mary Ann Evans
filiam Thomas Evans
Presentibus John or Ann Thornley of Walton
Testibus Jane Evans of Preston