Dorothy Jane Moulding 1918-2001

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R.I.P. Dorothy Jane Moulding

Dorothy Jane Moulding

Born Birkenhead 31 May 1918
Married Birkenhead 28 April 1945
Died Blackburn 25 July 2001

A true heart of gold devoted to the welfare of others, Jane, as she was known, lived in Birkenhead and trained as a State Registered Nurse at Broadgreen Hospital in Liverpool. While working at the army hospital in Delamere Forest during the war she was impressed with one patient, her future husband Edwin.

Jane and Edwin's wedding

As a wife and mother she continued caring for the sick and also worked part-time as a home help amongst other things. She loved life and lived it doing the right things. She did not smoke or drink and hardly spent any money on herself, saving her resources for her family. Despite a lot of illness in the family, and being troubled by many ailments herself, she was always chirpy and cheerful and could always find the good in a person or a situation. She liked all kinds of music, tinkled the ivories now and then and danced an energetic Charleston. She was a member of the Amateur Dramatic Society, the local Ramblers Association and loved gardening. She was well liked by everyone she met and always took a sincere interest in their well being. She got over a hundred Christmas cards every year.

Her health gradually deteriorated over the years, having problems with her heart, her legs, her eyes and her nerves. Then on top of all these she got diabetes. Despite following doctor's orders she suffered several hypos but, it must be said, was not treated well by the specialists or the hospital. Many old people suffer the same indignities, with genuine care being withheld at the time they need it most. Through it all though, she was bright and keenly interested in everything around her. Even on her deathbed, having suffered a heart attack and being kept alive by drips and drugs, she found time to enquire of the nurses and and her visitors what they'd been doing that day and to wish them all the best for the future.

This wonderful woman was so full of goodness she must surely have gone straight to heaven

Fortunate and blessed are all those who knew her

    R   E   S   T     I   N     P   E   A   C   E   

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