Sources of Information

Sources of information used on this website include the following, most of which is available at Preston Records Office and Preston Harris Library and Museum:

  • Barrett’s Trade Directories for Preston various dates
  • Building control plans from 1850
  • Census data and birth, marriage and death certificates
  • Exhibition about Avenham in Preston Harris Library
  • Ordnance Survey maps. 126” to one mile 1892 Preston
  • Polling lists for various dates
  • Preston Borough Council sewer maps 1852
  • Preston Guardian newspapers. 1862
  • Weaver’s Union membership book
  • R Cookson. Goosnargh Past and Present. H Oakey Printer. 21 June 1887
  • Hardwick. History of the Borough of Preston. 1857
  • Lawrence Rawstorne. The New Husbandry. Oakey of Preston. 6 Aug 1848 Penwortham
  • Robert Roberts. The Classic Slum. Manchester University Press. 1971
  • Mary B Rose (editor). The Lancashire Cotton Industry – A History Since 1700. Lancashire County Books. 1996
  • Trygve Tholfsen. Working Class Radicalism in Mid-Victorian England. Croom Helm. 1976
  • Edward Baines. History of the Cotton Manufacture in Great Britain. Cass & Co. 1966
  • Neville Kirk. The Growth of Working Class Reformism in Mid-Victorian England. Croom Helm. 1985
  • George Newman. Infant Mortality. Methuen. 1906
  • Edwin Waugh. Home Life of the Lancashire Factory Folk During the Cotton Famine. Simpkin, Marshall and Co London. 1867. (Read it on this site)
    “ Atticus, Churches and Chapels 1869 (Read it on this site)
  • Anthony Hewitson. History of Preston AD 705-1883. “Chronicle” office, Preston. 1883
  • The Lancashire Family History and Heraldry Society
  • David Hunt is a respected local author and much of the information about the mid-1800s comes from his book, The Silent Mills
  • Alan Crosby has written histories of Preston, Hutton and Penwortham among others and I have used some of his photos and comments
  • John Garlington has done a history of Preston in pictures
  • Margaret Burscough has published an interesting History of Lark Hill, Preston, 1797-1989