Meaning of Moulding

The definitions show that Moulding is a name rich in meaning. Not only are we “from the soil” (mould-ing: -ing is often used to mean deriving from, the child of, born from, etc) but we also return things to the soil by growing on them as mould and gradually decomposing them with spores and filaments of fungus. Not only are we the container into which liquids transform into solids with shape but we are also that shape itself. Not only are we the ornamental decoration formed in many materials but in the archaic sense we are also the very matter of which anything is formed – the etherial mould!

Looking at a big old fruit bowl – it was formed by the potter moulding it or by being cast in a mould. It can be used as a mould for jelly and other purposes. When it has outgrown it usefulness it will be broken and then gradually disintegrate back into the earthen mould, with the assistance of fungal mould to help it on its way. As it mixes with the other moulding elements it gains nutrients. Then organic vegetables and plants can grow in the rich mould. Gradually losing it nutritive value it becomes clay again, awaiting the potter’s hand to mould it once more. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, water to water, earth to earth, mould to mould.

I used to be almost ashamed of my surname when I was young because of all the stick I used to get because of it. But now I feel great satisfaction in the knowledge that the meaning of my name is wider and deeper than I or anyone can ever imagine.

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