Alternative Name Origin

By Richard Moulding

An alternative to the name’s origin that doesn’t appear in the list:

It may be a derivitive of the old English word ‘Malden’ or similar. This is a hill with a cross on top, which is a familiar sight across the British Isles. There’s even a Surry town called Malden.

When family names were being settled upon the two most common sources were profession and home location. My guess for the name’s origin is for one or more families from an area near a cross-topped hill or involved with the making of goods from moulds, such as casting.

One other thought is for a connection with windmills and the associated professions, this gave rise to a number of similar names derived from the French (Moulin) and Dutch (Molen) words for windmill.

Oh, just one more: the old Welsh word for baldness was Moelyn, so we may all be descended from someone who was conspicious for his shiny dome!


  1. Cindy #

    Hi Richard

    I have come across this site searching for my Moulding relatives. I don’t see the name on your list so it is quite possible she is one of the lost ones. Maria Moulding born abt. 1850 born Blackburn, Lancashire, married James J.L. Astley of Accrington, Lancashire. Two children found listed were Margaret 1879 and Eleanor 1877.

    Margaret is married in Ontario, Canada in 1911. I have the marriage application that lists parents, spouse and where they would reside. Margaret had two children that I know of, Eleanor Maria and William Robert Hannant. Margaret had married a widower Robert Walter Hannant. This Eleanor was my grandmother.

    My mother is very anxious to know more of this family. We only have a picture of William and my grandmother so would be interested in seeing pictures of other Moulding relatives for a “likeness” comparison if you would call it that.

    Thanks, Cindy

  2. BEatrice walker #

    my maiden name was Moulding and my grandfather was born in blackburn about 1877. I wonder if we are related. my grandfather was James Frederick Moulding and his mother was margaret and his dad was james frederick moulding

  3. Cindy #

    Its quite possible they were related but I haven’t found a link yet. I had taken a break but am back at it again.
    Have you found anything new since you posted your message?


  4. Cindy #

    Hi Beatrice
    I took a break too, spring is here so I am back at it. I have nothing other than Maria as stated above. Hoping to get somewhere this time around. It sounds like there might be a link between your family and mine, Maria being born in the same place as your family it would be unusual to find two different families in one area like that unless they were related. Let me know if you find anything and I will do likewise. You can email me direct at



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